transformation in action



Transformation is everywhere. Below some examples of transformations we have worked on. From agile and digital transformation to transforming youth services. Transformation stories are an important part of our approach. Read the blog about the impact of stories.

Transforming ‘the smell of the place’

How does your workplace feel? Is it like a sultry, stuffy and crowded Calcutta, or like a fresh, airy and inspiring Fontainebleau? The whole context in which we work, from leadership, the way we communicate, the layout of our office space to the way we recruit people contributes to the smell of the place. Change the setting, change the context to change the feeling and shift from a energy draining to an energizing setting. A place where people can thrive. In a large corporate we changed the smell of the place with small interventions in all these area’s. Transformation is a slow process, it will take time, but after two years surveys showed that exactly these little interventions where the ones that made a big difference. And essential next to formal changes like structure and systems.

Transforming from business support to high impact

The communications function has changed over the years. Traditionally communications was about DOING communication, about execution. But more and more it’s about ENABLING communication, offering an effective infrastructure to facilitate communication. And about coaching senior leaders to have more impact in their own communication. This shift has impact on how the team is positioned shifting from business support – an executional role – to high impact – a strategic role.

Transforming to an agile way of working

This may be the ‘hottest’ thing just now. It’s a high priority for many organisations. To change the way of working and become more agile. To be able to adapt to changes in the market and the ever-changing needs of customers. The key is that it’s not about the way we work. That’s just a method. It’s about different fundamental beliefs. From focusing on the individual to valuing the team. To understand what makes a team work. To really give the customer a voice and a role in development.  To value failure and see that as the quickest way to success. Just to name a few. Then you see it’s not about how we work, but that it touches everything. How we organize, how we manage, how we are structured, how we communicate.

Transforming a closed youth institution into an inclusive living facility

Youthcare is changing. In Amsterdam a closed care institution is being transformed to a place for youngsters that still need some care in transitioning to a self-supporting life.  In this new facility they will live together with students and young professionals. An inclusive place to live, learn, work and play.

digital transformation is not about tech

Transferring processes to the digital space goes way beyond technology. It’s not about tech. Tech is just a tactic. It’s about understanding the value is of your people – of your human capital – and how you can optimize the use of technological innovations to automate and robotize what machines and artificial intelligence can do, and make way for the added value of the people in your company.

Transforming the influence of your members 

A professional association wanted to increase its relevance for members. To do this they launched an online communication platform allowing the members to interact with the association, but also with each other. The impact went way beyond implementing a new tool. It meant changing the beliefs of how you do your work. To first listen and in everything you do interact with the members. To go from pushing solutions towards your members to waiting for a pull from them. Giving the members a voice, and with that voice true influence.

Transforming a quiet tiny village into a double-sized welcoming community

A tiny village with just 800 inhabitants up north suddenly had to deal with a new future, making way for housing of over 1200 foreign contractors. Not everyone had the same idea about this situation. The people in the village where torn between seeing the positive and the possible negative impact but together they found a way to embrace their new reality.

Transforming into an independent company

Telfort has experienced quite some changes. The transformation from being the Dutch branch of an international company to becoming independent meant a big shift. From following the rules to defining your own rules. From a simple focus on execution to developing ownership and taking responsibility. Not just for activities, but also for results. The main shift was becoming and acting as a true team.