Today would have been amazing. I was so looking forward to this. To share my story and pass on the insights that have helped me so much.

But the universe took a different turn. Making today ‘just another day’ in the Corona lockdown period. So this morning I am sitting at my desk in the living room. Showing up for the work and starting the day with a blog. Writing as an alternative to speaking.

I have been thinking of what I can give you that would be of value. Not just today, but what could stay with you and be of value any day. It’s easy.  In essence there is only one message that really matters. Just five words that say it all.

So this is what I would like to share with you. These five magical words. And please, pass it on. Because if we all understand and live these words, we will be in a good place. Whatever happens, we will know that we are in it together. You and me.

There is no better way of sharing these five words with you, than with the amazing short film that the French director and actress Maylis de Poncins made. In just two minutes:

Je suis donc tu es.  That’s it. It says it all. I am because you are. We are in this life together. We are humans, social creatures. Our connectedness is part of who we are.

This video has helped me, with the powerful metaphor of the yellow and black balls, to instantly feel when a black ball situation is happening. And now I have a choice. I can catch the black ball and pass it on. Or … I can leave it where it is. Instead of catching it I share a yellow ball to turn the situation. It’s as easy as that.

Just take this image with you. And you’ll see that you too will be able to spot the black ball situations and turn them into something positive. Pass on positivity, and care for each other.

I am because you are. Thank you, for being you.