This is the era of digitalization. Bringing enormous power to the people. Everyone has access to anything. Tools and instruments are for grabs. You can build a business in a minute. Anything is possible. But while all is done through bits and bytes, the most powerful instrument can not be digitized.

Powerful is he or she who masters the power of communication. Touching people, connecting on a level that matters.

Although the friendly robot Pepper is conquering the world with its sympathetic looks and big eyes, it lacks the power to truly connect. Thank goodness! Being human still has its advantages, also in the digital age. But it may require some extra effort to really master this unique instrument.

We are all apprentices for life, so keep learning; experiment, fail and improve.

Whether you are building something new or changing something old. Communication is the way to connect and to engage with your audiences. To influence people. It is essential in bridging the cap with millenials. It’s key in making work of inclusion. In working on your company culture and your workforce of the future.

Everything is communication and communication is everything.

And also ….. communication is a two way street. The days of sending your message and having impact are gone. Communication goes both ways. So all parties need to be ‘on par’. If you feel confident in communicating your message, that’s great. But what about your audience? Do they master the instrument of communication to engage in your communication? Are they equipped enough to join the conversation and make it count?

We talk about creating a great workplace for technical employees, but we don’t understand how they like to communicate. That they are overwhelmed with assertive talk and therefore stay numb. How can we use the full potential of our greatest asset – our people – if we do not invest in the way we connect with each other? You can’t master the instrument of communication overnight, but investing in your insights and skills, getting the right practice and advice is a great way to start. This is the attitude you need. The attitude to truly appreciate  your greatest asset. And make it count!