EmpoweringPeople offers the following services:

  • Interim work as communication consultant  /projectmanager / “vooruitganger”
  • Consulting  (positioning, organisation of communication, communication governance, stakeholder management)
  • One-on-one consulting for executives in their personal communication
  • Stories; copywriting of stories to facilitate and accelerate progress
  • Concept development and implementation
  • Coaching of communication professionals

*Good work’ rate: Making the world a little better, that’s where I like to do my bit too.
For organisations, start-ups and other initiatives aimed at a purposeful contribution for society I offer a ‘good work’ rate.

Do you need some rebel power to unleash the power of your people or make a shift in your company culture? That’s where EmpoweringPeople can make a difference. By setting up a plan – a creative concept, ensuring implementation & project management and also keeping an eye on the stakeholders that are involved.

Note: I don’t believe in Culture Programmes. Communication however is a key instrument in showing that things are different. Setting an example. Presenting a different flavour within the organisation and giving the stage to people that can make the difference. Employees who are already on board, but probably have been left unnoticed.