What we do

We empower people to bring their gifts to the table with confidence, curiosity, and courage. We do that through different instruments, meeting the different needs of people. To get the collective power within a business to flow. Enabling business to take on their responsibility in serving the world.


Future Leader Program

Igniting the soul – soul driven leadership

A program that is designed for the young professionals in your business. To help them grow and start leading today by trusting their unique gifts. Tuned to their values and interests, based on research. A unique program offering teachings that are not taught in business school. With our holistic take on personal development, we offer a program that touches the heart. Through the mind and the body, we aim to ignite the soul.

The young professionals of today are the leaders of tomorrow. But just imagine what happens if they start leading today.

Leadership Sessions

Bridging the gap between generations

The gap between generations at work is increasing. Generation Z is entering the workplace while the Babyboomers are in control in the boardroom. Different generations with their own truths. In these sessions, we bring in an outside perspective, of a world that is changing fast, with an increasing role for technology in our life and work. Pulling that through to what is required of the leaders of today.

Be a real leader. Understand your context and open up for a fresh take on your leadership role. Ready to empower your people.

C-level Mentoring

Private sessions for C-level leaders. Margot is your mentor. The one you can confide in. She is on your side, but doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. She listens, she asks questions, and tells you what you need to hear. She inspires you with her knowledge, experience and vision. She challenges you to bring yourself to the table while taking up responsibility for your people, your business and your contribution to a better world.

Sessions with Margot are for fast thinkers who need to think slow. She plants seeds – food for thought – that turn into insights over time.


This is at the heart of what we do.

To help you, and your organization, to do the right thing on the human side of transformation. To bring in our expertise at your table and infuse it in your transformation strategy. To be your trusted advisor in this area.

Keynotes (topics: AI, Adaptability, Homo Conexus)

As a gifted speaker Margot is not only very knowledgeable but also incredibly engaging.

She brings a captivating discourse emphasizing the human aspect (the importance of learning and acceptance) and seamlessly transitioning into the realm of technological developments, specifically AI, illustrating how to embrace new developments without compromising one’s individuality. She inspires to approach new technologies with an open mind, recognizing their potential while still staying true to ourselves.

Human Design

Human Design is an incredibly insightful system that acknowledges the uniqueness of every person.

To understand how you contribute, what conditions are best for you and how synergy happens with the people around you. It gives clarity on your uniqueness as an individual, on how you influence others and where you are open for influence from others. We do group sessions and individual sessions.

The value of group sessions is that you create a common understanding of the interconnectness within the group, based on the Human Design system.

Sound Experience

This is one of the latest additions to our empowerment instruments, and we are extremely excited about its impact. Sound takes you away from the thinking mind into the feeling body. From doing to being. It is very powerful for reducing stress, improving focus, and promoting overall wellbeing at work.

The Book "Homo Conexus, a new concept of being"

The concept of Homo Conexus is the foundation of our work.

This book is a reference book. It explains the concept, the relevance in our times and how it relates to individuals and organizations.

Who we work for

We focus on business because we feel that businesses can accelerate the transformation that we are in, as society. To push forward towards a better future.

However, we don’t work for just any business. Our aim is to empower people to serve the world and make it a better place. That is why we only work for businesses that align with our beliefs and intentions.

We understand your challenges: increasing numbers for staff turnover and absenteeism; the war for talent; people quitting corporate life.

We know you want to stand out as an employer. You want to inspire your people and give them a sense of purpose and pride. We know all this and are grateful that finally we have come to the point where these challenges and demands add up to a sense of urgency to transform your business into a place where people can bloom. To empower people to become empowered people.

We ask our clients to being willing to experiment with us in this journey. To be open to a new way of thinking about people.  To dive into this together, co-creating the way business is done, with people at its center.


We love our clients

Our clients are why we do what we do. We are proud to work with some of the world’s best known brands, and the people behind them.