EmpoweringPeople offers the following services:

  • MAKE change happen (concept development & implementation).
  • Storytelling for system change (story writing, story telling, story doing)
  • Public speaking; on the topic of the power of people in this era of technological innovation. For more information visit
  • One-on-one consulting for executives in their personal communication
  • Mentoring of communication professionals

*Good work’ rate: Making the world a little better, that’s where I like to do my bit too.¬†For organisations, start-ups and other initiatives aimed at a purposeful contribution for society I offer a ‘good work’ rate.

Do you need some rebel power to unleash the power of your people or make a shift in your company culture? That’s where EmpoweringPeople can make a difference. Make the change happen, make it visible and tangible. Make people experience the change. It’s not just the plan, but it’s the doing that counts to pull the change through.

Note: I don’t believe in Culture Programmes. Communication however is a key instrument in showing that things are different. Setting an example. Presenting a different flavour within the organisation and giving the stage to people that make the difference. Employees who are already on board, but probably have been left unnoticed.