Transformation stories; paving the way for change

Transformation stories; paving the way for change

A story is a magical thing. It’s not just a bunch of words that presents some information. It’s a powerful tool to invite you on a journey. To go to a place you may not know, a place you may fear, a place you may think is not meant for you…

But as it’s just a story, you can go there in your mind. You can have a feel of what it brings and experience how it might be just the thing for you…

And then the magic happens.  It gives you a taste that is unfamiliar, something you could only imagine in your dreams, but in this story it feels as if it’s real. It’s happening, here and now.

Without knowing it your mind has made a leap into unknown ground, shifting your beliefs and paving the way for change. Welcome to the power of stories. From story writing, to story telling, to story doing.

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