fundamental beliefs

Be more human

Be more human. But how do we do that in a time when our life is becoming more and more digitized. We seem more connected than ever, but are we really?




For centuries our focus has been on developing our rational abilities. Homo Sapiens literally means ‘wise man’. Our brain power has been our key differentiator. But our context influences what we need to be as humans. And our context is changing significantly and at a fast pace. What makes us stand out as humans, is no longer distinctive.

We are on the verge of a new era. Making the shift from Homo Sapiens to Homo Conexus. Already in 2009 introduced by Morton Bay but then solely as label for the digital native generation. A generation that has one focus, to be part of a network. The essence was already there, but what it means to be part of a network goes beyond the description of Morton. We are humans, we are social creatures. Moreover we are born to be social.

Developing our rational abilities has brought us where we are today. On the verge of being surpassed by the artificial intelligence of computers, which our brainpower has enabled. Now we need to go back to our natural essence. Our ability and our need to connect. To connect with our self, with the other, and with the whole. 

Make way for Homo Conexus

Fundamental for us as humans is our ability to connect. With ourselves, with others and with everything around us. To be honest, this is nothing new.

New is the urgency for refinding and valuing the side of being human that makes us stand out. Our ability, but also our need for being connected. To make way for Homo Conexus.

 We are humans, social creatures,  able of making a connection with each other.
Moreover, we are born to do that.
When we acknowledge the value of every individual, be inclusive, be connected – we can do amazing things.
We can make magic happen.