MVB portrait

It are the people that make the difference.
They are your most important asset.
They make you stand out.
That's why it’s our mission to empower people.

About you

You care for the world and you care for your people. Because you know that your people make a difference in contributing to a better world. As an employer you want to be known for empowering your people by providing the right conditions for them to thrive.
You aim to inspire your people and give them a sense of purpose and pride.

About me

I care for you. Je suis donc tu es. And I want you to know that you can make a difference!
I am Margot van Brakel. In 2007 I founded EmpoweringPeople. Now, more than 15 years later, empowering people is even more essential. Building on all my experience, knowledge and vision I am taking empowerment to the next level. My primary focus is on the business world introducing a fresh perspective that empowers organizations. Because I truly believe that organizations can drive change in the world of today.

MVB portrait