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Put your people first

It’s your people that make the difference. It’s your most important asset. In transformation the human element is key. Strategy, structure, systems… it’s all needed, but without engaging your people you will miss the one thing that makes you stand out.

That’s why for me it’s people first, always. 


What We Can Do For You

We can do many things, but – as with most things – less is more. Let’s discuss what your challenges are and we’ll advise you what would truly add value and suit your situation.



Full support for the people side of your transformation. From strategy-setting to implementation.



 Change reality by changing the story. From story writing to storytelling & story doing. Including visual stories.

mentoring & COACHING

One-on-one guidance. To understand how you add value and how – as a leader – you can engage your people.

inspiration & talks

Learn to look at things differently. Be inspired. We bring in outside-in inspiration. Or book a talk for your audience.

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The only message that matters

The only message that matters

Today would have been amazing. I was so looking forward to this. To share my story and pass on the insights that have helped me so much. But the universe took a different turn. Making today ‘just another day’ in the Corona lockdown period. So this morning I am sitting...

Slowing down

Slowing down

Or 'How our rollercoaster ride turned into a snail trail'. Slowly but surely our life is slowing down. There is no need to rush, to speed things up, to continue to run. While a new reality is dawning, this slower pace allows us to see where we are. It allows us to see...

I help you & you help me

I help you & you help me

These are challenging times. Let's make the most out of it, together. After a few weeks of chaos and going in different directions I have found my way back to where I am supposed to go. Unravelling the magic of transformation. And to be honest, I'm excited and eager...

Transformation stories; paving the way for change

Transformation stories; paving the way for change

A story is a magical thing. It’s not just a bunch of words that presents some information. It’s a powerful tool to invite you on a journey. To go to a place you may not know, a place you may fear, a place you may think is not meant for you… But as it’s just a story,...